Help Shea to State

In Dec I received my “Thank You” certificate that Locks of Love received my hair.

Shea and Skittles won first in breed/weight class and then reserve overall at Polk County Fair!!!

Shea and Skittles won 3rd at 4States Fair in Texarkana!!!

Shea and Skittles won 2nd at Arkansas State Fair!!!!

Shea and Skittles won 2nd in her division and then Reserve Grand Champion overall at Bowie County Livestock Show

Watch Heather get her head shaved as part of the fundraiser to send Shea to the State Fair!

The hair will be donated to “Locks of Love”



Help Shea Shave Her Way to the Arkansas State Fair

Hi, my name is Shea. I’m 16 yrs old and there is nothing I love more than my animals. I am a Wic kes FFA member and show an English cross heifer named Skittles, an experimental dairy goat named Cookie, and a paint horse named Casey. The reason for this fundraiser is to help me raise funds to take Skittles to the Arkansas State Fair in October. This is the first year I will be showing a cow. It’s been a long road–feedings twice a day, going for walks on a halter to teach her to walk next to me, and bathing/rinsing her every night to train her hair so she’ll look fluffy for the judges.

So, you’re probably wondering what does “shave” have to do with anything in this fund raiser. Well let me tell you. My mom said if we raise $600 by Sept ember 14th she will let me shave her entire head LIVE on the internet so everyone will be able to watch. Not only will your donations help me with the cost of the hotel in Little Rock, but by meeting my goal I will get to shave my mom’s head in front of the entire world! Her hair will be donated to Locks of Love, which is a “public, non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada.” If you are planning to attend the state fair in Little Rock, on October 17-23, feel free to stop by and say “Hi“. (Skittles will be in the cow barn Oct 17-19th. Cookie will be in the goat barn Oct 19th-23rd.)

Please help me reach my goal by clicking the ChipIn button at the right. It will allow you to send donations securely through PayPal. If you do not have PayPal then snail mail is also an option. I will keep everyone updated on our progress.

We are officially at 100% (600) That includes ALL mail in donations and ChipIn. Thank You to everyone that has helped us get where we are.

Shea with Skittles (left,) Cookie (center,) and Casey (right)

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